Skin Care Tips and Tricks

I have struggled over the years with my skin. I started getting bumps all over my forehead and it was not cute!  A couple of  my friends used the Clear Proof  Mary Kay face wash kit.  It comes with a toner, face wash, lotion, and treatment gel.  Let me tell you this was a life saver for me, it helped my skin SO MUCH!  The kit is around $50, but its so worth it!  You can buy it online but you have to find a consultant to buy it from. I buy mine from Kaitlyn Krna , you can click  facebook if you would like to contact her.  Katlyn always sends me little samples of different Mary Kay products, so she sent me a sample of the Charcoal mask, and let me tell you if clears up your skin!  It does amazing things, and I feel like a lot of people don’t believe in face masks, so they don’t want to spend there money on them, but I love this product so much!  I also think face masks are a lot of fun so I enjoy putting them on.  To apply this face mask I use a brush from Mac but you can use your hands or buy a brush from Mary Kay.

Even if you don’t have struggling skin, everyone would benefit from a skincare routine.  My mother is known for going to bed with her makeup on, and after listening to my advice she has been washing her face before bed, and following a skincare routine, and you can absolutely see a huge difference!  No matter what products you choose to use, the following steps are the basic steps that everyone should follow.

When I apply my regiment this is the order I go in

  • Charcoal face mask – leave on 15 min ( 3x a week) put on over clean skin
  • use my coconut scrub (let me know if you’d like a tutorial on how to make it)
  • Wash my face with face wash
  • Tone my face with my toner
  • Moisturize my face
  • Apply treatment gel

I also would NOT USE TONER, or GEL THE FIRST WEEK!  I did and I thought I was allergic, but I was just adusting to product so I would definitely WAIT to use all of  products at once, Your face needs time to adjust.  But I would 100% buy this product if your skin is struggling.

Skin tips that will help you in your every day life!

  • Don’t Wear your makeup to bed!
  • Don’t touch your face, unless your hands are clean!
  • Drink A lot of water! And less choc milk, coffee, pop, ect.
  • Wash your face daily!
  • Moisturize to keep your skin hydrated
  • When you wash your face and moisturize, do it in upward strokes, so your skin won’t sag later in life
  • Make sure you also wash your neck, and moisturize your neck also!
  • Before you put your makeup on put sunscreen on your face so that  you don’t get dark spots and wrinkles later in life, I don’t care how old you are, wear it!!!

I know my skin isn’t perfect but its better than it was, so I’m happy! But I hope this is helpful! Thanks for reading my blog!  Have the best day!!

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