Online Shopping Tips

Online shopping can be a pain in the butt. Either you hate typing in your info, or you just hate paying for shipping.  But I have some online shopping tips I think will help you on your shopping journey, especially with Christmas coming up.

Do you want to get free money back every time you order?  Well I know I do! Ebates is an app where you get a certain percent of whatever you buy back.  I just got a check in the mail, just for shopping (which is something I would’ve done anyway).  When you sign up you will get $10 for FREE, for doing absolutely nothing, wow.  Sign up right HERE and lets start shopping!

Do you love finding great deals on all of your favorite brands?  Well if you do, go to the website type in your favorite brands and It will show you where to get all of that brand, but it will show you that brand at all of the stores that sell it so you can scroll through and see what store has it for more cheap.

Do you love designer bags but they are too exspensive?  Well I think every girl likes to splurge  on a designer bag once in a while.  Now you don’t have to. there is a website called that sells replicates of designer bags like Guchi for around $80, and if you know Guchi you know that their bags go for over $1000 all of the time, so that is a deal!


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