Makeup Looks with One Bold Feature

When your doing makeup its very important to not have more than one focal point, or it will look like too much.  So you have to pick one focal point whether its your lips or eyes, and work around it to make a pretty but not overdone makeup look.

In the photo above, I’m wearing a bold lip.  This color is DOLL from Kylie Cosmetics KoKo Kollection.  This look is simple but so pretty. I think its always good to pull out a bold lip, and just own it, and not care what people might say.  I was always so scared to wear a bold lip or even lipstick in general, because I was scared that other people wouldn’t “like it”.  How dumb is that?  But I really don’t care that much anymore.  In this picture you can see that I am also wearing a little bit of eye makeup, but it is not enough to where people would say ” Wow she’s wearing too much makeup!” So its ok if your wearing a little bit of eye makeup, but if you are going to try and pull off a really bold feature such as a bold lip, it is very important to keep everything else subtle, or it will be too much.

You can also focus on your eyes.  I decided to do a brown eye with eyeliner, and a lip gloss.  I gave my eyes a smoky look, so I went with only a gloss on my lips, so that I only had one focal point.   Another way to make the eyes a focal point is to do the wing eyeliner that you see a lot of people doing these days, but if your going to try and pull off the wing, you need to keep the rest of your makeup simple. Say I was wearing a dark eye with a purple lip, it would be too much and you would look like a goth clown, and no one wants that.  Most of the time I wear a neutral look all over for my makeup, but every once in a while it’s nice to make a statement. Just remember that while making a statement, it is very important to keep only one focal point, that still keeps the look classy.


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