Fall Jewelry

I think jewelry is such a necessity when it comes to fall, especially chokers.  They just scream fall to me.  So, Mea Stone is selling these chokers and bracelets to earn money to go on a missions trip this year. She needs $900 in order to go. All of this jewelry is around $8-10 dollars each.  So if you need any fall jewelry I’m sure she would love it if you bought one!  Mea also has a Etsy shop, CLICK HERE to look at it.  This one above has a little pearl on it and it is one of my favorites, it’s very simple and pretty.

This one has a gold stone on it, how cute is that?  This one screams fall, so back up or you might lose your hearing lol.

This is so cute! I love it, so dainty and fun.  Bracelets are $8, so go hit her site up.

If you need to contact her for some reason, here’s her face book.  I would love to know if you buy one, so let me know.  Im also very excited for fall so be prepared to see some fall inspired posts.

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