D.I.Y Sugar Scrub

I always use sugar scrub for my face instead of spending $25-30 bucks on Microdermabrasion. I literally use a sugar scrub every day!  It gives you soft, smooth skin which provides you with a better foundation for your makeup. There’s no reason to spend that kind of money when a sugar scrub works just as well. So I  would give this sugar scrub a ten out of ten.

All your ingredients

  • Coconut oil
  • sugarAll you have to do to make it – put sugar in jar (I use mason jar )and then mix the coconut oil in to it, and that’s it! The amount of ingredients you use depends on the size container you use, and the consistency that you prefer.  I use  about 1/2 cup of coconut oil & 1 cup of sugar.  Mix it until its a crumbly consistency. It’s super easy but works well and it’s cheap. You can also use it as a lip scrub.  People also mix brown sugar and coconut oil and they use it for a body scrub.

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