How To Contour with the Nyx Wonder Stick

First, I just want to say how long it took us to get good pictures. This was actually  take 3 for contour photos, but I’m happy with how they turned out so it was worth it.  So first what I like to do is spray my face with a setting spray, I use Mario Badesco  Rose Water Spray. I feel like it makes your contour glide on a lot better.

After that, I take my contour stick and start to contour. But before I show you how, I would like to explain what contour really does. I also use the Kat Von De powder contour palate, which I love also, and  I use it the same way as cream contour. To blend this out I use a blending brush from Mac, but when I use the powder I use a brush from Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale. I ordered mine online on her site.  I also like to sharpen my contour up with the light side of the stick. So Ill take that side and Ill go in the middle of the jawline and where I did my cheekbone and blend it out with a beauty blender.  I also like to go under my brows with the light side to define my brows and clean them up.  If you are wondering why I didn’t take pictures with the light side, that is because we heard something in the weeds and got scared.  I also like to put some of the light side in the middle of my nose in between the brown to give a high light. But I basically put the light side on where ever I would use a highlighter.

  • If your forehead is long you want to put some of the dark side almost touching your hair line to make your forehead look shorter.
  • If your nose is long put some of the dark under the tip of your nose to make it look shorter.
  • Putting the dark side on your jawline, defines your jawline to make your face/jaw look more defined. But you need to make sure that you don’t leave a dark brown line on your jaw line, so make sure you blend well.
  • You can also use the dark side for eye shadow.
  • When you put dark on your nose it makes your nose look thinner.
  • And the VIP in the world of contouring is contouring under your cheekbones to make them pop!!!

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