Caramel Apples

I’m going to be making caramel apples! I had so much fun making these, it was such a fun fall activity!  I would like to start doing a fall treat every week, but I don’t know how it will work out because of school and stuff, but I’m going to try. Also if your wondering why I cut the apples like this its because they are so much easier to eat, and much less messy.

Ingrediants ↓

  1. Apples
  2. Caramel /sticks
  3. Chocolate
  4. Things to decorate your apples with
  5. Tin foil
  6. Chocolate covered raisins

Caramel apple ingredients

Directions ↓

  1. Cut your apples into halves .
  2. Stick a sharp knife into the apple so that you can make a small hole to put your stick into.
  3. Put your caramel into the microwave for 60 sec.
  4. Put the tin foil down so you have something to lay your apples down on.
  5. Put the stick into your apple, then dip it in the caramel, (DO NOT GET CARAMEL ON THE BACK OF THE APPLE OR IT WILL STICK TO THE TIN FOIL).
  6. Put some VEGETABLE OIL IN YOUR CHOCOLATE SO IT DOESN’T BURN!  Microwave the chocolate for 2 min, then start to decorate with whatever you desire. I decided to go with some festive sprinkles. 
  7. Wait for 30-40 min. depending how long it takes to dry. 

Be careful while microwaving caramel. I accidentally exploded it all over my microwave twice, so be aware!

Caramel Apples

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