15 Everyday Beauty Hacks

I’m sure you’ve  heard  about a bunch of beauty hacks that aren’t that helpful, so I’m here to tell you some legit beauty hacks that will help you in everyday life.  One of my favorite beauty hacks is D.I.Y makeup brush cleaner.  I just used this today to clean my brushes, and it worked so well!

1. D.I.Y brush/beauty blender cleaner – Mix olive oil in a dish with dish soap and leave it in for for a minute.  Next, just take it out,  rub the brush around a little and rinse. That’s it and your brushes will be clean!  You can also place a beauty blender in hot water, and dish soap for a few minutes, then rinse.

I’m sure everyone has had a blemish that they have wanted to cover up, but when they want to they just put concealer on the blemish and pat the blemish.  But that is wrong!

2. How to cover a blemish – Put concealer on blemish, pat around the blemish so you aren’t taking off the makeup on blemish

Are you sick of having your eyelashes not curl well?  Same, I think all girls struggle with this one, but the only difference is I know how to solve it.

 3. How to get your eyelashes to curl – Take your blow dryer and blow your eyelash curler for a few seconds until it gets warm and then use it.  Your eyelashes will curl so much better!

Does your hair get dry and dead? Well, I can help you with a………………….

 4. D.I.Y hair mask – All you need is coconut oil, I like to use the thick white coconut oil instead of the liquid, but either one works.  Just place this all over your hair.  You can put more oil on the ends of hair because that is where most of the breakage is placed.  You can

Do you need more volume? Well if you do, keep reading.

5. How to get volume in your hair – Take your blow dryer, flip your wet hair upside down and blow dry it. After your done your hair will be volumized.

6.  How to get your bobby pin to stay – spray you bobby pin with hair spray and face it down ward and it will stay put all day.

7. Eyeliner tip – Eye liner can be hard to do, but I find that putting on eyeliner is a lot easier when your eyelashes are curled, so next time curl your lashes, and then put on eyeliner.

8. mascara tip – When putting  mascara on the upper lashes, get close to the lash line and it will look like your wearing eyeliner

9. Soft legs –  Mix 1/4  glass of lemon juice, 2/4 cup of sugar, and 1 /4 glass of water in a bowl until it makes a paste. Smooth on your legs .

10. Is your mascara clumping? – Stick your mascara in hot water before using for 5-10 min and it will take away the clumps.

11. wonder how people get the perfect eyebrows? – Well one of the things that can help your brows look more “on fleek” is when you take and tiny definer brush with some concealer and define under your brows with the concealer.  I use this hack a lot and it makes your brows look so much cleaner.

12. For soft heels – Mix 1/4 cup listerine, 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of warm water.  Wait 20 minutes and your skin will fall off or start to peel.

13. Cream contour trick – Sometimes your cream contour stick doesn’t blend well, or as good as it would with a setting spray.  I like to spray a setting spray on my face before I use a contour stick because I find it blends a lot better.  I use the Mario Badescu facial rose water spray.

14. double cleansing – If you haven’t noticed, models don’t wear a ton of makeup on there day off  because makeup isn’t the best for your skin. But when they do wear makeup they do this thing called double cleansing, where  they wash their face to get all the makeup off and then they wash their  face again to cleanse it. But you can also use a makeup wipe first and then wash your face.

15. shaveing – A lot of people think when you shave that your hair growns back faster, but that’s not 100% true.  In the morning you are more swollen and if you were to shave, you wont get as close to the root.  Therefore, its better to shave at night!



  1. Aprill

    That’s my favorite facial spray too 🙂

  2. Renee

    Love the tip for curling your eye lashes, works great!

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